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We understand the RV lifestyle. At Benz Associates, our agents are extensively trained in the various types of RV insurance. We will guide you in finding the insurance coverage that best fits your vehicle needs and your lifestyle.

We cover several kinds of vehicles including:

  • Motor homes and coaches
  • Campers
  • Pop-ups
  • Fifth wheels
  • Toy haulers

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All Of Your RV Coverage Needs

RV-ers can go from tourists to errand-runners to dinner-party hosts all in the same day, and in the same vehicle! Thankfully, when you get a free RV insurance quote you can secure coverage that’s flexible enough for all sides of your vehicle — and your life.

Whether you’re insuring a motor home, camper, or other RV, buying your policy through us gives you the adaptable coverage’s you need, like liability protection for your RV both on and off the road and replacement coverage for the personal belongings essential to your home away from home.

You can also enjoy cash-saving discounts, and access to specialists who can handle all the questions, claims, or policy changes you might need.


Complete RV Coverage

While you may be able to get basic liability coverage for your RV through an auto policy, that’s often not enough to protect you and your savings. With all of its unique capabilities, amenities, and valuables, your home away from home needs more than just the bare bones.

Thankfully, an RV insurance policy through can provide essential coverage’s that protect your unique vehicle in ways an auto policy typically won’t, such as:

  • Liability insurance in case guests are injured in your RV in a covered accident
  • Insurance for personal property in your unit that’s damaged in a covered incident
  • Coverage for emergency assistance (towing, getting locked out, etc.)
  • Collision and comprehensive

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